Manitowoc Nugget Ice Machines

Nugget ice goes by many names. It’s chewable ice, crunchy ice, soft ice, nugget ice, and even sonic ice. But what’s the attraction to nugget ice? Nugget ice is great for fast chilling beverages. The healthcare industry uses nugget ice. There is now huge popularity in the restaurant and convenience store industry. People are now even demanding the nugget ice machine in their break rooms at work!

Manitowoc countertop nugget ice machines are sleek and aesthetically appealing in any front of the house application, such as a corporate break room, or smaller boutique hotel application. Manitowoc’s nugget ice machines are perfect for healthcare applications such as nurses stations in hospitals, or in nursing care facilities.

These ice machine are very sanitary as there is no open bin. Instead the ice can either be dispensed by our touchless model or lever operated model, avoiding contact by staff or customers hands.

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